13 August 2014

Check out this site for similar schemos (6AK5 project)


 The Sela 12 uses a 60v B+, so no voltage divider for the capsule. Pretty simple circuit. I am thinking about bumping up my B+ a bit higher on this one though. The 6AK5 looks like it can take a bit more than the 5840. I'm not sure that would make that much difference though. I also have an MXL 9000 that I've been looking at. There was a discussion on that mic at GroupDIY. Although looking at it, I had a bright idea to put in an EF86 maybe and swap a few parts. The tube is wired in parallel so comparing the pinouts for a 12A*7 and the EF86, it's only a matter of swapping a couple of wires for the tube. Then look at the G7 vs the MXL9000?

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