27 August 2014

6AK5 mic almost finished.

All the soldering is done, now just putting it back together. Took some pictures, but a little embarrassed; some of the worst soldering I've ever done...

21 August 2014

6AK5 update

Changed my mind about upping the B+ don't see where that is worth the trouble. Also, the кондензатор turned out to be too big, so in goes a smaller 2.2/250v.

19 August 2014

6AK5 microphone update

MXL V89MBP donor body for RoyerMod/BigUgly/G7'sh mic update 19 Aug   

I'm not a professional blogger. So if anyone has suggestions as to how to best organize this, please feel free to educate me....

13 August 2014

Check out this site for similar schemos (6AK5 project)


 The Sela 12 uses a 60v B+, so no voltage divider for the capsule. Pretty simple circuit. I am thinking about bumping up my B+ a bit higher on this one though. The 6AK5 looks like it can take a bit more than the 5840. I'm not sure that would make that much difference though. I also have an MXL 9000 that I've been looking at. There was a discussion on that mic at GroupDIY. Although looking at it, I had a bright idea to put in an EF86 maybe and swap a few parts. The tube is wired in parallel so comparing the pinouts for a 12A*7 and the EF86, it's only a matter of swapping a couple of wires for the tube. Then look at the G7 vs the MXL9000?