04 March 2019

Built a second BigUgly Royermod

Photos here:


Optested briefly. Sounds pretty good, no hum, pretty quiet. Going to try it with the other one as a "matched" pair of drum overheads. Capsules are the stock 32mm.

06 April 2018

MXL v76t Mod

No photos of this one sadly. But recently sold this on E*ay, replaced the 32mm capsule with a OEM 34mm "K47 clone" and the mystery tube with a NOS 12AT7.

FYI, the mounts that come with some of the Chinese capsules (will post a photo) DO NOT WORK ON THE MXL (and probably many other) mics. I had to Macguyver the bastard to make it fit. The upside is the relative position in the basket stayed the same as the original capsule.

16 November 2015

Low hanging fruit

PAiA spring reverb. Finally fixed the RFI issues amazing what some shielded wires will do...... (still some hum, but less)

Oh, and replaced the transformer in the royermod power supply so now I get a full 100v (or 98sh)

Got those two things off the bench


MXL 2006 Modded mic, failed somehow. So it's out of commission, going to rebuild from scratch using RuudNL's boards.