21 December 2019

Single sided G7 build

Single sided G7 build.Schematic found here: (xaudia blog)

Mic started out as a MXL9000 which I got a sweet deal on. Didn't have the PSU, and I had to take the capsule out for a MXL 2001 "BigUgly" so repurposed for a G7. I accidentally damaged the transformer I had (a Bv8 from Dave Thomas) so I used a 3U Audio 6.5:1 transformer, http://www.3uaudio.com/cp.asp?id=668

I also couldn't fit the 2u2 capacitors I have, so had to go with a 1uF Russian I had on hand. Soviet 6Ж32П Tube. Capsule is Chinese originally from WGT, edge terminated C12 clone.  PSU is Chinese zener regulated board with a 150VAC torroid. I can only get 150VDC unloaded, but it seems to work OK. Mic is nice and quiet, a little bright, sensitive. Going to try it out soon!

04 March 2019

Built a second BigUgly Royermod

Photos here:


Optested briefly. Sounds pretty good, no hum, pretty quiet. Going to try it with the other one as a "matched" pair of drum overheads. Capsules are the stock 32mm.

06 April 2018

MXL v76t Mod

No photos of this one sadly. But recently sold this on E*ay, replaced the 32mm capsule with a OEM 34mm "K47 clone" and the mystery tube with a NOS 12AT7.

FYI, the mounts that come with some of the Chinese capsules (will post a photo) DO NOT WORK ON THE MXL (and probably many other) mics. I had to Macguyver the bastard to make it fit. The upside is the relative position in the basket stayed the same as the original capsule.