20 February 2014

Tube compressor with 6AL5 sidechain and remote-cutoff pentode.

Started a discussion at GroupDIY and DIYAudio. Saw a circuit fragment in an ARRL handbook from 1961. While I am not a designer at all, (and still find it a difficult mental exercise to calc a plate curve...) this looked intriguing.The circuit fragment uses a 6AL5 in the side chain. The circuit calls for a pentode input stage and uses the suppressor grid on the pentode; I've seen other circuits that do this with 6BA6, and decided to give it a swag.

updated  26 Feb 21:00 HST

12 February 2014

In fact, i'm not on Facebook at all... Under any name. Probably need to do that at some point.
OK, I post on a handful of audio related forums as Blue Jinn. There are other Blue Jinn's out there (and here I thought I was so damn clever.) I post on: homerecording.com groupdiy.com tapeheads.net tapeop.com diyaudio.com gearslutz.com Elsewhere I may be known as Waterproof Blue. In fact I started out with that, and switched to Blue Jinn when I couldn't properly set up the Waterproof Blue name on one of them .I'm also blue_jinn on Ebay.